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Morfill, S., 2006.


Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:The Metropole Gallery, Folkestone
Dates:9/7/06 - tbc
Number of Works:1

The exhibition is being co-ordinated by Five Years, who have proposed the exhibition Frenzy for the Metropole Gallery in Folkestone. Their proposal explains that the exhibition aims to:
explore the often fraught relationship between contemporary art (practice & theory) and the idea of ornamentation. In particular to explore the claims associating decorativeness with the dangerous 'other' to high Modernist ambition.
(Loos et al).
make new work specifically in response to the Metropole gallery's imposing Edwardian Rococo architecture.
examine through the concept of decoration, art's function, import and institution vis--vis the roles of academic research in art, 'independent' artist-run initiatives, publicly funded and supported art institutions and the private sector of the artist.
examine through the concept of decoration, art's function and import in relation to ideas of design, architecture and music.

Objectives/ Outputs
Exhibition of new work
Series of Performances
Web 'residence' in collaboration with Variablemedia (to be confirmed)
Permanent web archive disseminating information, discussion, opinion and response