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Grimshaw, D., 2001.

"Dip Table" - designed for "onetree" exhibition

Output Type:Artefact
Brief Description/Editor(s):One-off table constructed of oak sawdust and resin, designed and made for "Onetree" exhibition.
Venue:Purchased by Manchester Galler y for it's "Made in Manchester" collection.
Dates:Aug 2001

One-off table constructed of cast oak sawdust and resin top, with a metal frame. Designed and made for "Onetree" exhibition. Exhibited throughout Britain, published in the "Onetree" book, and purchased by Manchester Art Gallery for it's permenant collection - "Made in Manchester" Also published in "Design for Living" The Sunday Review, Independent on Sunday, 16th July 2002.

"Dip Table" - detail"Dip Table" - detail
"Dip Table""Dip Table"