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Canniffe, E., and Abouei, R., Basarir, H., Cetin, M., Gamal, M., Upadhyaya, D., and Zhu, M., 2008.

The City Past and Present: Global perspectives on urban history and change

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Ashgate Aldershot

A collection of essays on the historical process of transformation in contemporary cities. The aim is to provide international perspectives on
development exploring the disparities and commonalities as the phenomenon of urban globalisation approaches definition. The authors’ contributions represent a range of research methodologies in the fields of architecture, urban design and conservation. While change in cities has been a constant throughout history, the accelerated pace of that change since industrialisation has only been thrown into sharper relief since the effects of globalisation have begun to become apparent. Transformation through political will and socail and economic change and resistance to these directions are among the themes to be explored. The examples covered in the chapters are Cairo, Mumbai, Yazd, Nanjing, Gazimagusa/Famagusta, Istanbul and Manchester.