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Stone, S. Brooker, G, 2007.

The Organisation of Interior Space: Form and Structure

Output Type:Book
Publisher:AVA Publishing UK/Switzerland

The Organisation of Interior Space: Form and Structure will examine the fundamental ideas that underpin the design and remodelling of interior space. This book will discuss the basic principles of the organisation of the interior space, from the establishment of a relationship between the old building and the new components that inhabit it, to the careful positioning and design of significant elements within the space. The book will propose a method of analysis, understanding and exploitation of the existing building that can be used to realise the design of the new insertion. The strategic planning of the interior is not a process based upon whim or fancy, but a distinct and controlled discipline and as such emphasis will be placed upon the tactical approach of the designer. The commonly used planning strategies and the formal devices that designers and architects use to organise space will be examined. The book will also look at more unusual or radical methods for the arrangement of space and objects. Precedent will be used as the basis of all discussion. The elements or parts of the design that actually realise the three-dimensional character of the environment can be divided into six categories, these are: object, plane, sequence, light, threshold and texture and surface. Each has its own distinct and particular quality and yet are integral to the whole design. These will be discussed in turn and again existing examples will be used to illustrate the argument. The book will conclude with case studies of significant interiors with particular reference to the areas covered previously within the book. To be published Autumn 2007(With Graeme Brooker)

This is the first in a series of 6 books that AVA have commissioned. The collection, which examines the nature and form of Interior architecture, is to be published over the next 5 years. (With Graeme Brooker)

Interior Architecture: An Approach
Book 1. The Organisation of Interior Space: Form and Structure
Book 2. Site and Ideas: Context and Environment
Book 3. Identity and Interior Space: Texture and Materials
Book 4. Inhabiting Interior Space: Furniture and Fittings
Book 5. Representing Interior Space: Presentation
Book 6. Legislation and Interiors: Professional Practice.