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Stone, S. Brooker, G, 2007.

From Organisation to Decoration: The Routledge Reader of Interior Design Theory

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Taylor Francis/Routledge

A theoretical reader for students, scholars, and practitioners who have an interest in Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Decoration. The book is structured by the approach of the architect or designer, and so each section deals with a different aspect of the design of interiors. Section 1, Interior Architecture, is concerned with the remodelling of existing buildings and attitudes towards existing spaces and structures, building re-use and organisational principles. Section2, Interior Design will concentrate upon the true discipline, the design of the interior space, the principles employed by designers and contemporary and historical attitudes towards the subject and Interior Decoration will discuss the role of decoration, ornament, furniture and materials and examine the relationship between the detail and the whole. This structure will also allow for a wide range of readings in each section.