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Parry, G., 2007.

Not Just Another Story

Output Type:Book
Publication:Published May 2007
Publisher:Righton Press
ISBN/ISSN:1 9000756 36 6

‘Not Just Another Story’ is a book that celebrates photography, narrative and the wonder that lies behind the experience of looking.
Following on from the success of curating the ‘Sex Death and Flatpack Furniture’ exhibition in 2005, Jacqueline Butler and Gavin Parry have worked with 2 other photographers and 2 writers to produce a book to be experienced, but not just as another story. The editors, whilst acknowledging that all books are things to be read, approached the book as a space in which work can be curated. This approach underpins the publication’s philosophy; to challenge the ‘audience’ to view rather than read the book, making the page a place / space for work to inhabit.
Each contributor has a particular interest and relationship to Photography which differs in background and context from one another. These various approaches resonate through the book, complimenting or reacting to one another. The narrative/s evoked come from the threads and slippage between the contributors, the book is not the work of 6 separate artists, but a curated piece in which the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.