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Morfill, S. and Vandenhoucke, S., 2010.

by day my limbs, by night my mind

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Five Years, London
Dates:April 2010

Initiated through the Craft Research Centre ‘Pairings’ project, the work for this exhibition evolved through a dialogue with Sylvie Vandenhoucke to explore the possibility of artists/craft practitioners working remotely and primarily in different disciplines, to begin to identify commonalities and differences in approach and methodology in order to negotiate a path towards a shared outcome.
Using the idea of the journeying line, both physical and imagined, as a starting point the aim was to construct a toolkit of components to bring to the gallery space in order to realise a material output and further space for reflection. Once in the space, what had been a mere strategy to enable us to begin producing, became a central feature of the work. The vital process of testing our lines in a range of ways demonstrated that what we were arriving at by the exhibition opening was one of many possible configurations. The idea of the elements as a kit remained key.
A range of hand and digital processes were used to produce the work e.g. vinyl cutting, water-jet cutting, cutting and drawing. All the work produced was rooted in drawing and different interpretations of the journeying line.

The process of collaborative decision making during the installation of 'by day my limbs, by night my mind' as well as from a subsequent shorter period of collaboration were recorded photographically and included in the Pairings touring exhibition in the form of prints and a digital showreel.