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Zapp, A., 2005.

StoryRooms (Exhibition DVD)

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Museum of Science and Industry
Dates:October 2005 - January 2006

With artworks by international media artists Susan Collins (UK); Paul DeMarinis (USA); Ken Goldberg (USA); Paul Sermon (UK); Alexei Shulgin/Electroboutique (Russia); Cornelia Sollfrank (Germany); Tan Teck Weng (Malaysia/Australia); Andrea Zapp (Germany/UK).

Introduction by Andrea Zapp, Review by Martin Rieser

This DVD features surreal, fascinating and thought-provoking installation environments that invite the viewer to explore the ways we now communicate with each other and with technology. Created for the exhibition StoryRooms that took place in the historical setting of the 1830 Warehouse at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England (11 October, 2005 15 January, 2006), the DVD includes an illustrated essay booklet, and a 35 minute film that captures the unique atmosphere of the event and its audience involvement while reflecting the installations through interviews with their creators.