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Parkinson, C. Gartside, Steven, 2013.

MORTALITY: Death and the Imagination

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:The Holden Gallery
Dates:8th July - 16th August
Number of Works:11

Mixed media exhibition including sculpture, painting, projection and film.
Exhibition publication detailed as complimentary output, under the title, MORTALITY.

Symposium on Friday 5th July with Steven Gartside, Clive Parkinson and former president of Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr Iona Heath presenting her keynote: Memento Mori.

Death Talking to Delirium on Monday 8th July with consultant clinical oncologist, Dr Sam Gugliani and curator of Medicine Unboxed presenting, 'We who are living are now dying/ With a little patience.' Australian Palliative care nurse and author, Molly Carlilie presenting 'Death Talking,' and the singer song-writer, Victoria Hume performing a body of work based on recorded interviews with people who emerged from a clinical delirium.

The exhibition has achieved wide media coverage via the web and wider media.

Clive and Iona HeathClive and Iona Heath
Mike White and Sam GuglaniMike White and Sam Guglani