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Parkinson, C., 2014.

Burning in Water, Drowning in Flames

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Yenda Rain
Brief Description/Editor(s):Vic McEwan
Publisher:The Cad Factory, Birrego, New South Wales, Australia
Chapters:Introductory Essay

THROUGHOUT 2013, Riverina artist Vic McEwan worked with the community of Yenda and the Griffith Regional Art Gallery to explore how a town recovers from flood disaster. This project was a major commitment to the town of Yenda and to examining the impact the arts can have in dealing with community issues.
McEwan spent time with many different groups within the community, hearing their stories, running workshops and learning about the many challenges, the shared stories and the unique ones as well. As 2013 unfolded and McEwan explored the multifaceted experiences in Yenda, he compiled his thoughts
and observations into a series of major artworks that were presented on site in public spaces within the town of Yenda. These works are now being presented in a gallery space in order to share some of the process and reasons behind what he was trying to achieve. This gallery exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on the role that the arts have to play within our functioning and recovering communities.

Yenda Rain: Gallery Exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery, 27 February - 30 March 2014

This 1,500 word contextual essay is an introduction to arts/health and the role of participatory art in community recovery.

A young Parkinson exploring his flooded environs 1968A young Parkinson exploring his flooded environs 1968