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McCullagh, J., Roberts, I., 2013.

A Manifesto for Growth

Output Type:Artefact
Brief Description/Editor(s):Visualising pedagogy. A series of artefacts that explore academic pedagogy in art and design
Venue:Tatton Park, Cheshire, 2013, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 2013, Ordsall Hall, Salford 2014

This playful collaborative project by Joe and Ian was inspired by the designer Bruce Mau’s ‘An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.’ Acadamics and staff at the Manchester School of Art were invited by Joe and Ian to creatively reflect on the 'stock' phrases they continually use during their teaching and
creative work.

These phrases were then incorporated on to designed
laser etched plant labels for an academic staff show at the Royal Horticultural Show at Tatton Park in the summer of 2013.

Our small intention is whilst tending to your allotment, garden
or green space, that you use the phrases to reflect upon things
and that they help you to think creatively.

Phrase contributors:
If your insight is clear then follow
your heart.
—Helen Felcey H.F.
True expertise is born of both
insight and intuition.
—Helen Felcey H.F.
Imagine the destination
then plan the route.
—Kirsteen Aubrey K.A.
Honour tradition and embrace the
—Kirsteen Aubrey K.A.
Constantly check your actions
against the likelihood of them
achieving your aims.
—Ian Roberts I.D.R.
To steer a car it must first be
moving and out of the garage.
—Ian Roberts I.D.R.
Ideas are not commodities.
—Ian Roberts I.D.R.
Take on less to achieve more.
—Ian Roberts I.D.R.
Perfection would be
—Paul Bason P.C.B.
An accident is waiting to happen –
let it.
—Eleanor White E.J.L.W.
Check the brief – then re-check.
—Eleanor White E.J.L.W.
How do you think YOU could
improve this?
—Rebecca Kenyon R.K.
Let the learner drive.
—Chris Meadows C.M.
Lead learning out.
—Chris Meadows C.M.
Use a thesaurus. Find
similar words.
—Steve Hawley S.H.
Reserve judgement.
—Joe F McCullagh J.F.Mc.
Sometimes you have to destroy to
—Joe F McCullagh J.F.Mc.
Free entropy.
—Felcity Colman F.C.
Matter, limiting form.
—Felcity Colman F.C.
Very special
thanks to Rob and Adan whose
skilled technical ‘know how’
enabled us to realise the labels.

‘Enjoy your garden and
thinking space.’