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Cocchiarella, F., 2006.

Master of Fear

Output Type:Performance
Brief Description/Editor(s):Part of Wormhole Saloon IV
Venue:Whitechapel Gallery, London
Dates:August 2006

The MASTER OF FEAR is a performance based project incorporating three designed devices which address our innate need for fear as a survival mechanism. Freudís theory of Thanatos talks of the life instinct needing to be balanced by the death instinct as a way of relieving stress and tension from life. Through the style of a traveling show participants encounter a unique fear-seeking experience. Through being fastened into 3 varying FEAR MACHINES you receive an alternative stress therapy that sobers your mind through the thrill of a hyper-real sensation. The participant glimpses their ultimate end in a frenzy of fear, an intensely REAL sensation...