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Parkinson, C., 2014.

A Recoverist Manifesto

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Arts for Health, Manchester

People in recovery from substance misuse in the UK, Italy and Turkey have collaboratively developed a manifesto that attempts to humanise the face of addiction. Through workshops with people in the 3 countries, Clive Parkinson has produced The Recoverist Manifesto which aims to dispel the stigmatized myths and legends associated with substance misuse by providing a counter-blast that challenges current clichéd misconceptions by reframing addiction as a health issue and recovery as a civil rights concern. With an introduction by Will Self, this manifesto presents us with an opportunity to start a wider conversation around cultural change. You can see Clive's accompanying presentation about the Recoverist Manifesto by clicking here.

A second iteration of this work is being further created with people in Ireland, Holland and the UK and is being developed with Mark Prest, director of Portraits of Recovery.