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Aulich, J., 2015.

Modern History Volume III: Posters The Third Eye

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre
Dates:18th September - 21st November 2015
Number of Works:18

An installation of 18 international posters from the period 1948-2006 drawn from a private collection as a contribution to a joint exhibition from artists in the north west curated by Lynda Morris. It has as its guiding principle progressive and communist politics. Aside from that, its contents are determined by intuition, happenstance and a personal aesthetic as such the act of collecting is understood as a creative interpretative act. The collection has no claims to be representative but it demonstrates some of the strategies that graphic artists have developed to address some of the major issues of the post war world under very different political conditions.

They embrace the grand narratives of modern history: Peace; Imperialism; Capitalism; Cold War; Democracy; Communism and ultimately the rise of neo-liberalism. They also articulate existential questions concerning and the fate of the individual living in different social orders.