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Lewis, C. Pettican, A. Mojsiewicz, K., 2015.

Brass Art: Freudís House

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:International 3, Manchester
Dates:October 2015
Number of Works:1

2 channel video installation with binaural sound. Brass Art: Freudís House: The Double Mirror (2015) was commissioned by University of Salfordís Commission to Collect Programme and has been acquired by University of Salford for their collection.

Lindsay Taylor commissioned Brass Art to create this new digital commission, when she became collections curator in 2013. Brass Art have been working with the Freud Museum, London, under the auspices of Director Carol Seigel. The new work has been made with the assistance of programmer and theorist Spencer Roberts, and in collaboration with electro acoustic composer Monty Adkins.