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Cocchiarella, F. Haley, D. Vargas, V., 2016.

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Gaia Project

This book embraces the spirit of activism: one of its purposes is to question and challenge the neoliberal agenda for urban development.
Inspired by Pomona Island this publication presents both poetic and practical sci-fi visions for designing a culture for the ‘art of fruitful living’ across disciplines in Art, Design, Ecology, and Urbanism.

Fruitful Futures is a creative compendium of paradoxical stories about biodiversity and urban planning, carbon-free air miles, invasive species for healthy living, and old toolkits to design new natures. It reflects the passion of the LiFE collective to inspire a holistic interpretation of the future that draws on multi-disciplinary knowledge to critically propose visions for the Future City.