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Adkins, LB., 2015.

Hold the Pose - the delegated4 performer, framing the spectator and being a 'Professional'

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Dark Matter Institute (Art in Unusual Spaces) at the Oursler Market in Bradford, and The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - FACT
Number of Works:25

The research project was concluded as two (separate) interactive public performances and film installations; 'Hold the Pose' (2015) commissioned by Dark Matter Institute (Art in Unusual Spaces) at the Oursler Market in Bradford, and 'Un-follow' (2015/16) commissioned by the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - FACT in Liverpool for the exhibition 'Follow'.

Both commissions featured audio-visual environments as a means to create an open access performative installation that 'framed' the viewer as part of the work. Both commissions ran alongside and as part of a wider exhibition/commissioning programmes, as open access installations and public art interventions.

The research was concerned with methodologies of (re) enactment as a means to 'frame' the spectator, as part of the performance event. Expanding on the function of the audience as a professional 'player' in order to re-stage of cultural moment. Both commissions employed methodologies that required the audience to respond to text-based prompts, transcripts and directions as part of the interactive installation.

'Hold the Pose' asked the festival audience, market customers and traders to dance like Michael Jackson in response to a rolling screen of sub-title prompts and directions playing in real time alongside the original performance soundtrack. 'Un-follow' created a green screen, studio environment in gallery two of FACT in Liverpool, inviting the 'Follow' audience to (re) enact selected TED talks and lectures. These were available on autocues within the gallery/studio space. The subsequent films with additional backgrounds (added post production) were featured as part of the 'Follow' programme and YouTube channel for the duration of the exhibition.

Both commissions were engaged with how interactive performative environments can 'frame' the audience in order to create a 'delegated performer' (Bishop.C) as part of a performance (re) visioning.

In terms of impact the research benefited the cultural institutions audience beyond the gallery space. This practice-based research was outward-facing - bringing people, art and technology together through a series of open performance events and subsequent exhibitions. The research project provided opportunities for groups and individuals to experiment with creative technology in order to explore wider issues around performativity, identity and image.

'Follow' was a group exhibition including renowned and high profile international visual and new media artists *see accompanying PDF. FACT is a leading UK venue for experimental media art and digital technology. The exhibition was supported by ACE Lottery Funding, Liverpool City Council, Metal, Liverpool Hope University and the Culture Programme of the European Union.