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Aulich, J., 2016.

Ducking and Diving: The imagery of aerial and submarine warfare in posters issued by Britain and the Central Powers during the First World War

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Myths, Gender and the Military Conquest of Air and Sea
Brief Description/Editor(s):Wenke, S., Mehrtens, H., Hoffmann, K.
Publisher:University of Oldenburg, Germany, Oldenburg, Germany
Number of Works:19

During the First World War aerial and submarine warfare was represented on posters published by voluntary organisations, commercial concerns and governments. The intention was not to illustrate or document the war. Concerned with recruiting and cajoling civilians to contribute to the war effort, these posters communicated successes in the air and at sea, demonised the enemy and inspired patriotism, fear, resistance, and vengeance. Equally, the posters marketed consumables, exhibitions, entertainments, films and books. The selling of the war and the war as a marketing device were intimately connected. The article demonstrates how their selective afterlife in publications and collections have contributed to the cultural memory of the war