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Beadle, J., 2015.

Frenos et Frusta

Output Type:Artefact
Venue:Special collections -WInchester School of Art

Artists BookFrenos et Frusta - (edition variée) - Artists Book
This Artefact has been exhibited nationally at Bristol Artists Bookfair/Arnolfini Gallery/Bristol 2015 and London Art Bookfair/Whitechapel Gallery/London The book is formed of two separate pages deliberately out of number sequence and unconnected structurally to suggest that they are part/fragments remaining from an absent volume.
The pages display collections of fragments of Haberdashery-textile flower prints and embroidered lace flowers,these are attached with an eccentric use of entomological pins-more traditionally used to display insects and butterflies.
It is part of a collection of work in which I have explored the idea of the Archive, shifting between the public and the personal and looking at what happens when we try to apply formal and also fake and invented categorisation and taxonomy systems to our own sometimes haphazard and idiosyncratic collections of 'stuff'.