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Jefferies, T., Coucill, L., Morton, R., Csepely-Knorr, L., 2017.

Data Mapping Cornwall

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Manchester School of Architecture

This document provides a summary of spatial investigations into Cornwall, conducted by Masters students at the Manchester School of Architecture.

The work is the output of a unit with two primary goals:

To explore and develop methodological approaches which reveal cross-cutting insights into the operation and performance of space and place.
To use the findings of these spatial explorations to explore novel approaches to design which tackle multi-dimensional problems in relation to service and physical infrastructure.

The work published within this document comprises exploratory mappings which compare and give spatial context to publically available, existing data. With an overarching goal to understand the context and infrastructure supporting healthcare in the UK, students were tasked with investigating four key themes within the context of Cornwall:

Health and Lifestyle
Energy and Power
Demographics and Economy
Networks and Connectivity

The summaries provided here are extracts from lengthy atlases which compare datasets that are often viewed in isolation of each other. This is an approach that has been developed over a number years at the School of Architecture, and which has, in many cases, proven to provide a critical understanding of how space is used and places are perceived. This is a significant insight in understanding how architectural and urban design can help support the infrastructural networks which are often culturally invisible.