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Jolley, V., 2012.

An Unsuspected Skyline Rival: Lee House, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester (1928-31)

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Bulletin of the John Rylands Library
Publisher:Manchester University Press
Volume/Issue:89 (1)
Pagination:pp. 161-177

<jats:p>Although not accomplished as conceived, Lee House, Great Bridgewater Street
(1928-31), is a significant project in the history of the Manchester commercial
textile warehouse. As one of the last examples to be designed for the city
centre, it is innovative and deviates from the pattern that had evolved from the
1830s. This was due to two factors: the precedent of the American skyscraper,
which had evolved since 1870, and, most influential, the involvement of two
architects, Harry S. Fairhurst and J. Henry Sellers, and their different fields
of expression.</jats:p>