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Kaushal, V., 2017.

'Zugzwang' by Vik Kaushal (logan & Wilcox)

Output Type:Performance

'Zugzwang' is an interactive installation commissioned by and funded by the British Arts Council. The interactive performance explored the roles assigned to artist and audience in the conventional modes of creative production. Elucidating the interdependencies between artists as producers and the audiences as consumers. More specifically the experiments investigated the interrelationship between the two by generating, observing and manipulating a biofeedback loop established between the audience members. The installation implements a psychophysical system made up of neuro headsets and heart rate monitors which collect biometric data (EEG and ECG) and use these as triggers for sonic and visual channels which are projected back into the performance space. Making the participants aware of their own unconscious behaviors. The system instantaneously alters its processes and outcomes to a unique set of choices and actions signified by each individual interacting in the performance space. Participants in this experiment will have the ability to act as the 'conductors', Influencing the biometric data generated by the other participants in the system. As such, the experiment will collect data concerning the dynamics of the artist, audience and space. The level of authority will vary from participants and audience by oscillating the control each have over the audio-visual output generated by the individuals and the combined biometric data of the group. Each person in the room has the authority to control any part of the performance allowing for participants to work in isolation all with allies within the performance space. This research builds on previous work carried out but remains distinctive in the unique arrangement and complexity of the system. In particular, the way participants interact with each other within the system. The performance was carried out in May 2017 at the John Lennon building, Liverpool, where over 1000 people participated within the performance.