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Stone, SH., Sanderson, L., Lee, SJ., 2017.

Reclaiming the Road: Public Realm Improvement Proposals for Bollington in Cheshire

Output Type:Report

Commissioned by Bollington Town Council, John Lee was commissioned jointly with Laura Sanderson and Sally Stone to undertake a feasibility study for road improvements in the town of Bollington. The study was realised through collaboration with industrial partners - John Lee's architectural practice Arca and consulting engineers Civic Engineers. Building on research by the CIA Research Group (specifically work with MArch students in 2015-16) the study analysed existing patterns of vehicle and pedestrian movement establishing safety, heritage and townscape shortcomings of the main road through the village. The research is grounded in the latest public space design criteria to ensure that it is able to respond to local authority Highways Department scrutiny.

The proposals were for a series of four new significant public spaces at widened sections of the thoroughfare centred on significant heritage or community features. Safer pedestrian crossing was set at regular intervals, ensuring that the town is better linked across the valley. The innovation of the work is to suppress 'signs and lines' - the intrusive clutter that damages visual coherence of the townscape.

The study formed part of the Bollington Neighbourhood Plan, published and consulted on by Bollington Town Council in June 2017. It is now being used to apply for Heritage Lottery Funds and other grant award bodies.