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Parkinson, C., Windle, G., Taylor, K., 2017.

Dementia & Imagination: Research Informed Approaches to Visual Arts Interventions

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Manchester Metropolitan University

This handbook is not a tool-kit of prescription exercises to deliver visual arts projects, and it's not an evaluation guide. What it is, is a result of a research project and is intended to be used by artists and other people who plan to deliver arts-based activities with people who are living with dementia. It is a set of useful ideas and recommendations that come from a robust research project setting out some foundations for developing visual arts projects with and for, people affected by dementia. It is designed to be as accessible as possible. In it you will find information about the Dementia & Imagination project; some key ingredients for delivering research-informed visual arts projects; case studies, a set of guiding principles, quotes from people involved in the programme, and some recommendations. If you want to read about the research in detail, or find other sources of support, this booklet will direct you there.