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Sagar, D., 2016.

The Northern Quarter and Zones of Experimentation

Output Type:Other form of assessable output

The Northern Quarter :- An area north of Piccadilly, formerly a decrepit and derelict area of inner city Manchester, a zone of experimentation, now known as the Northern Quarter. Now a thriving, bustling mixed-use area occupied by individuals, small businesses and independents, a vibrant creative quarter.

The proposal is to document the untold story of the grass roots, community initiative [The Northern Quarter Association] that spearheaded the regeneration of the Northern Quarter, of which the author was a founding member. The Proposition and output is for a culturally lead Un-convention/conference, on the on the 25th anniversary [2021/22] of the production of the Northern Quarter Strategic Document and its adoption by the City.

The conference will address the past, the present and the future, looking at the aims of the strategic document, whether they have been achieved and lessons learned, good or bad. Then to further focus on the Northern Quarter and adjacent Ancoats, how these areas function and operate now and what the visions for the future are and where are the new areas and zones of experimentation.

The build up to the event will be preceded by smaller events, seminars, articles, publications, exhibitions, including a symposium, on the 21st anniversary of the Northern Quarter Association's conference 'We Never Promised you a Roof Garden' with Speakers and presentations from musicians, artists, academics, planners, promoters etc. By which to start to spread the scope of the study connecting to wider ranging urban regeneration and connecting to similar initiatives and areas, nationally and internationally, including Detroit.

Working on further support and funding, ARHC Networking, Academy of Urbanism, Glass House community organisation, whilst bringing on board local businesses and to look for further sponsorship and funding form the private sector.

How these truly innovative creative areas and cities can work together, tackling the issues of post-industrial cities. What are the new issues and parameters such as digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, for the areas compared to twenty years ago and how to tackle these problems, researching issues of gentrification on such areas and how underground grass roots cultural areas can work alongside top down cultural initiatives.