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Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., 2021.

Remember, Reveal, Construct : Reflections upon the Contingency, Usefulness and Emotional Resonance of Architecture, Buildings and Context.

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This book will explore how context can generate architectural difference, and from this discuss how contemporary architectural design can exploit this disparity and distinction. All architecture has a direct relationship with its site, and because of this connection with the land, all buildings are different. Even slight changes in context can have a dramatic influence upon the character of the building, while greater variance can generate considerable difference. The reading of the situation can uncover a layered and stratified narrative, and the understanding of these inherent qualities and conditions can provide clues to the design of new structures. It is through a thorough knowledge and understanding of the existing condition that the architect or designer can uncover the meaning within a place, and this knowledge can be used to activate, liberate and instigate a new future for any given situation. Construction within the dense urban environment, upon Brownfield or the once-occupied sites is one of the most important issues within architecture at the moment and represents a considerable investment within the industry. These tarnished areas which would once have been overlooked, have become cradles of architectural enquiry.