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Sanderson, L., 2014.


Output Type:Artefact

A collection of 24 collaborative projects in the city collectively named 'Analogies'. Each event has been created and delivered by groups of 3 or 4 students in the MArch and has been formulated with four key elements, agenda, collaborator, production and mastercraft. In short each project was required to have an agenda to be developed alongside an external collaborator which has an output manifest in the city.

<< Agenda >> Idea, Exploration, Connection, Study, Analysis, Space, Examination, Enquiry ...?
<< Collaborator >> Architect, Artist, Bricklayer, Charity, Client, Contractor, Organisation, Society ...
?<< Production >> Exhibition, Installation, Symposium, Workshop, Procession, Protest, Legislation ...?
<< Mastercraft >> Skill, Drawing, Modelling, Fabrication, Building, Curating, Communicating ...? ?

The project and supplementary blog explored how space is negotiated and developed in the city through a series of installations, workshops and exhibitions. Students have been working with collaborators such as Stockport Hat Museum, The Office for Subversive Architecture, iArchitect, Manchester Architects, Biospheric Foundation, Save Withington Baths, Croft Goode Architects, Annie Shaw, Hulme Community Gardens, urbed, Chinese Arts Centre, Urban Sketching and Patrick Drewello.