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Iossifova, D., Sengupta, U., 2016.

[61] Harmonica Alley, Yokohama

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Softgrid Limited

This book explores socio-spatial transformation in Noge, Yokohama's infamous entertainment district. It focuses on the stories and experiences of proprietors in Miyakobashi Shopping Centre, a building constructed in 1964 in view of Tokyo's Summer Olympics. The shopping centre transformed a formerly cluttered black market area into an orderly urban marketplace. Today, it contains 61 bars and small restaurants. The project offers intimate insights into urban restructuring and cultural shifts in the context of changing Japan.

Research students: Maria-Magdalena Atanasova, Daniel Kempski, Paulina Kowalska, Diana Muresan, Ivana Tosheva, Matthew Walker, Larissa Weinmann

This work was funded by the Daiwa Foundation, the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.