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Sengupta, U., Iossifova, D., 2012.

Systemic Diagramming: An Approach to Decoding Urban Ecologies

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Architectural Design
Volume/Issue:82 (4)
Pagination:pp. 44-51

<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>For many students, sustainability has become an obligatory add-on for any project. Here <jats:bold>Ulysses Sengupta and Deljana Iossifova</jats:bold> explain how they have sought to address this in their teaching at the University of Nottingham through a 'systemic diagramming' approach. This provides essential tools for understanding how resource flows and environmental concerns are embedded in physical urban transformation, socioeconomic fault lines and underlying power relations.</jats:p>