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Stone, SH., 2012.

On Taking Away

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Archaeology's Places and Contemporary Uses lII

When working with an existing space or building, the architect or designer will use the analysis and understanding of the qualities of that context to provide the impetus for change. This process of investigation and examination promotes a certain kind of sensibility, an acceptance of what is already on or around the site, and the willingness to accentuate these found elements or narratives. This method of comprehension encourages a responsiveness and a sensibility that is described by Rodolpho Machado in his essay 'Old Buildings as Palimpsest':

' remodelling, the past takes on a value far different from that in the usual design process, where form is generated 'from scratch.'1

Stripping back, subtraction or even demolition can be considered as a process that actually precursors the real act of intervention. As some step, intellectual or intuitive, that the designer must pass through to reach the main or central point of the design process. The designer often sees this as an important, but secondary stage, it has little more than a minor role in the creative method.