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Stone, SH., Brooker, G., 2008.

Off-The-Peg: the Bespoke Interiors of Ben Kelly

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:AD Magazine Interiors Atmospheres Special issue

Ben Kelly is one of the most influential designers of the late twentieth /early twentyfirst century, and yet his work is somewhat neglected, there are few publications that discuss it. Kelly is an internationally recognised designer, who in the early 1980's developed an industrial design aesthetic that is considerably more relevant and significant today than thirty years ago.

This article considers the interiors of Ben Kelly and traces his designs from the radical pre-Hašienda designs of the late 1970's to the highly respectable Museum work in the early twenty-first century. The essay looks at Kelly's legacy and discusses the influence that he has had upon design.

The research for this project was conducted through primary means, such as conversations with the designer and site examinations of his design work, and also using secondary sources such as You-tube, other writings and films.

The format for the article was based upon an interview with Kelly. This was enhanced with an examination of the approach that he, as an interior designer, would take. Comparisons between his work and other significant designers were made. After the initial submission of the article was made, the editor of AD magazine asked for the article to be greatly increased in length.