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Mawson, J., Hondartza, F., 2009.

The Object of Photography

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds
Number of Works:2

'The Object of Photography' investigated the role and nature of photography in diverse media, including drawing, sculpture and, naturally, photographic prints. Andrew Warstat's piece 'The Artist as Stan Laurel (Lucky Dog)' bends the object of photography into other spaces. Democratising the processes and techniques of film, photography and drawing, Warstat plays with both the indexical and material character of the photographic image. Taking as his subject matter a one-second clip from the Laurel and Hardy silent film The Lucky Dog (1921), he makes use of the historical relevance of the film's dates to introduce a set of themes specific to the propelling movement of the avant-garde in the context of Russian Constructivism.