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White, S., 2017.

INCLUDING ARCHITECTURE: What difference can we make?

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader
Brief Description/Editor(s):Boys, J.
Publisher:Routledge, London
Pagination:pp. 121-134

Key contemporary accounts of the relationship between individual human action and global issues such as economic prosperity, environmental protection and human rights explore conceptual approaches using philosophical frameworks which prioritise 'difference' over identities. This chapter focuses on construct design philosophies that can describe the 'ethical' or 'ecological' role of architecture in enabling, ameliorating or challenging economic, environmental and social ambitions. It sketches connections between Gilles Deleuze's contemporary re-reading of Spinoza's Ethics and a selection of architectural and educational practices implicated in attempts to create more inclusive urban environments. The chapter discusses correlations between Deleuze's critique of 'representation' and the ideas of architectural theorist, Robin Evans, using Evans' concept of 'projection' as a non-representational way of thinking through the role of architectural practice, processes and products in creating inclusive urban environments.