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White, S., Hammond, M., Phillipson, C., 2012.

Old Moat in an Age Friendly Manchester

Output Type:Internet publication
Publisher:Southway Housing Trust

The World Health Organization (WHO) model of 'age-friendly cities' emphasizes the theme of supportive urban environments for older citizens. These are defined as encouraging 'active ageing' by 'optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age' (WHO, Global Age-friendly Cities, 2007). Research in this area is especially urgent given that 'age-friendly' policy approaches assume that the quality of the urban environment is a significant factor in achieving a range of ambitious social goals such as neighbourliness and social cohesion.

This project was a pilot for the development of a participatory design and research methodology intended to be used across the city of Manchester and replicated as appropriate across the UK and beyond. This project, an interdisciplinary collaboration between urban design, architecture and social science, engaged a broad spectrum of partners including third sector organisations and public agencies working alongside residents of the area. Cited as 'World class' by Emeritus Professor Geoff Green, WHO European Healthy Cities Network this pilot has made a major contribution to a Manchester City programme which 'has established itself at an international level as a leading authority in developing one of the most comprehensive strategic programmes on ageing.' ( John Beard, Director, Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organisation). The 60,000 pilot project was funded by Southway Housing Trust to discover how age-friendly the Old Moat ward currently was, to involve the community in working towards making it more age-friendly. The 'Old Moat in an Age-friendly Manchester Pilot' project is an explicit reference in Manchester City Council's Age-friendly Manchester Development plan 2013-2015. It is cited by the Government office for science and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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