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White, S., Phillipson, C., Hammond, M., 2012.

Old Moat in an Age Friendly Manchester

Output Type:Report
Brief Description/Editor(s):Commissioned by Southway Housing Trust

This year long 60,000 pilot project was funded by Southway Housing Trust to discover how age-friendly the Old Moat ward currently was, to involve the community in working towards making it more age-friendly. This project was a pilot for the development of a participatory design and research methodology intended to be used across the city of Manchester and replicated as appropriate across the UK and beyond which has led directly to design of the Ambition for Ageing project as a whole as well as to our successful bid to be Local Delivery Lead for Manchester. It has had significant impact on regional and global Age Friendly Cities and Community policy and practice. For example it is a central reference of the Manchester City Council Ageing Strategy and has been discussed at the United Nations Working group on Aging in New York on 16th of July 2015 as international best practice.