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McNulty, S., Littlefield, D., 2017.

IE:Studio - Edges

Output Type:Internet publication

IE:Studio is a new resource to be published by Interior Educators (IE). This initiative is designed to enable those within, and associated with, the Interior Educators network to share ideas, experience and best practice concerning the teaching of the interiors discipline, focused on the design studio. IE:Studio will be published twice a year, in April and September. It will be published on the IE website and downloadable as a PDF, while small numbers of print versions will also be available.

This inaugural edition of IE:Studio seeks to celebrate the Edges of our discipline; to expose the diversity, breadth and potential of Interiors and affirm the discipline as a multi-faceted, dynamic and nimble field of knowledge that can operate at a variety of scales, in multiple media and locations, with diverse intentions.

With trans-disciplinary thinking and collaboration in mind, we are seeking contributions concerning pedagogic (ad)ventures between Interiors and subjects such as sociology, anthropology, geography, town planning, science, maths, sport, computing, literature, theatre, dance, film, music, health communities, and anything else... In particular, we are interested in papers which explore the creativity and potential generated when the interiors discipline meets other fields. What happens at the boundary? Does the context of the edge shift the centre-ground, redefining the discipline itself?

The notion of Design Studio underpins all content of IE:Studio, but this is open to interpretation and can involve undergraduate or postgraduate projects, within an undefined timescale.