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Hunt, L-A., 2017.

Arts in the Eastern Mediterranean before the Crusades: Approaching Christian-Muslim relations through visual representations

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Routledge Handbook on Christian-Muslim Relations.
Brief Description/Editor(s):Thomas, D.
Pagination:pp. 135-148
Number of Works:45

Visual and material culture is an integral part of the expression of identity and interaction between Christian and Muslim communities in the Middle Ages, as it is today. It takes several forms, from the use of figural and aniconic religious symbols in churches and mosques to forms employed in diplomacy, war, and the accoutrements of everyday life. The approach adopted here seeks to draw attention to the shared architectural and artistic medium in which they express their respective messages. This chapter is published in the Handbook containing fundamental information about the major aspects of relations between Christians and Muslims, a matter which at the present time cannot be ignored.