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Hunt, L-A., 2015.

John of Ibelin's Audience Hall in Beirut: A Crusader palace building between Byzantine and Islamic art in its Mediterranean Context

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:The Emperor's House: Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism
Brief Description/Editor(s):Featherstone M, Spieser J-M, Tanman G, Wulf-Rheidt U (Eds)
Publisher:De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston
Pagination:pp. 257-91-257-91
Number of Works:26

Intended for specialists and students of Architecture, Art History and History, the volume contains papers on functional and ideological aspects of palace architecture, art and ceremonial in the Roman imperial tradition in its broadest geographical and chronological limits, from the Principate through Late Antiquity, Byzantium, Carolingian, Norman and Islamic states, to the absolute monarchies of Europe and the Ottoman Empire.