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Jefferies, T., Anderson, J., 2017.

City Verve Internet of Things Demonstrator: City Verve Commissions: Manchester's Plinth

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017)
Publisher:BCS Learning & Development
Dates:11/7/2017 - 13/7/2017
Pagination:pp. 264-270

This paper discusses the development and progress within the multi-partner 10M CityVerve
Internet of Things (IoT) demonstrator project currently underway in Manchester, UK, focussing on
innovative public realm Installations that marry together design, virtual technology, contemporary
art and heritage. CityVerve IoT city demonstrator is based around the large-scale deployment of
IoT technologies creating a 'Healthy City Region', building on the ground-breaking work achieved
through the Devolution Manchester agreement between the Greater Manchester Combined
Authority and HM Government.
A range of use cases have been identified with partners across four key themes: health and social
care; energy and environment; transport; culture, public realm and community. The project will
pioneer the deployment of a range of existing and newly developed IoT technologies across these
use cases in an integrated way to derive place based impacts and benefits. This approach will
demonstrate and evidence benefits to citizens through environmental improvements, economic
opportunities, and the more efficient and effective delivery of services. The demonstrator will
provide the ability to create new services and operating models through the interoperability
between these four themes, establishing an IoT Centre of Excellence for the UK.