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Na, JH., Choi, Y., Walters, A., Lam, B., Green, S., 2017.

Creating a Tool for Measuring the Social Value of Design

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Design Journal
Publisher:Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Volume/Issue:20 (sup1)
Pagination:pp. S1662-S1662

Social value has been measured for many years predominantly for values created by NGOs, social enterprises, social ventures, and social programmes. However, because 'value' is a highly subjective concept that often has 'soft' outcomes, it is challenging to find a measurement tool which satisfies all parties involved in social value creation, especially in the commercial sector. In this complex environment, a viable means of measuring the social value of design will enable organisations to use design more effectively to increase their societal contribution and competitiveness. This research aims to identify key considerations to produce a guideline which can be used to create desirable tools for measuring social value of design, by conducting in-depth interviews with companies and two workshops with postgraduate students and professionals from a range of backgrounds. It is recommended that the tool should have three levels: (i) an overview with a qualitative approach, (ii) a financial level with a quantitative approach, and (iii) a balanced level with both a qualitative and a quantitative approach.