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Heys, TEB., 2017.

Undercurrency: Vault 53.3414 N, 1.7921 W

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Abandon Normal Devices Festival - Speedwell Cavern, Peak District
Dates:22/9/2017 - 23/9/2017
Number of Works:1

Traumavault: 53.3414 N, 1.7921 W is an ambitious multi-sensory experience that weaves together subterranean, scientific, technological and somatic histories in a breath-taking performative journey underground. Members of the public will be invited to take a tour of Speedwell Cavern wearing SUBPAC's (haptic devices that are worn on the back and allow the user to feel sub 20Hz frequencies down the spinal column) whilst they consume 'the taste of fear' - lozenges (created by 'Where the light Gets In') that replicate the metallic taste of adrenalin often associated with the taste that occurs in the mouth when one is frightened or terrified.

AUDINT's interest in such underground spaces derives from research into spaces that document and archive human's extreme psychological and physical trauma. Whether in the bomb shelters of London Tube Stations during WW2, the Viet Cong's Cu Chi tunnels, the Catacombs of Paris, Sadam Hussein's final bunker, or every mine ever engineered throughout the history of humankind, each has become a subterranean vault of misery; numerous chapters and tomes of pain secreted within its leaden walls. The purpose of AUDINT's presence in the mines is a simple one - to deposit fear and anxiety into the mine, adding interest to the wealth of accumulated pain that resides in the flooded vaults deep within the Peak mountains.