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Trustram, M., 2017.

Accounting for the museum

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Journal of Social Work Practice
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Volume/Issue:31 (2)
Pagination:pp. 265-273

2017 GAPS. In this essay for the Journal of Social Work Practice I bring the practices of writing, reading, visiting, imagining and above all looking, to the forefront of a critical enquiry into museums. It's part of a wider endeavour to use critical and creative writing to account for museums and to clear space for a different kind of writing. I am drawing together some reading and visits to art museums that I made in the summer of 2016, in order to think about the relevance that the work of museums might have for social work. I endeavoured to be in the museums and in the reading with a freely associative mind and imagination. The essay enacts the form of my fragmentary thinking whilst I was doing this.