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Twigger Holroyd, A., Cassidy, T., Evans, M., Walker, S., 2017.

Wrestling with Tradition: Revitalizing the Orkney Chair and Other Culturally Significant Crafts

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Design and Culture
Publisher:Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Volume/Issue:9 (3)
Pagination:pp. 283-299

Across the world, "culturally significant"
designs, products, and practices - such as traditional
crafts - have been pushed to the margins by the
forces of modernization and globalization. Appreciation
of the positive attributes of these traditions drives
widespread revitalization initiatives, often involving
designers. Awareness of the cultural ramifications of
design-led revitalization may deter enthusiasm for
radical initiatives and instead promote preservation
efforts. Yet a deconstruction of the popular understandings
of tradition and origin indicates a need for
change and cross-cultural contact. This article proposes
that social value - central to a traditional craft's
cultural significance - should be used to guide revitalization.