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Aston, H., 2000.

Project House 2000

Output Type:Report
Brief Description/Editor(s):Commissioned by Wates
Publisher:Wates Built Homes

With Sue-Ann Lee 'Green Issues: nature, nurture and house building'.
With Judi Farren-Bradley 'Grey Issues: the demographic & socio-cultural challenges for housing for 2000 and beyond'.
With Claire Frankl 'Location Issues: location location location'.
(INCOME 20,000): Project House 2000, 1997-1998. As part of the Wates Built Homes research and development programme, key issues relating to the concept of the 'sustainable home' were explored. Areas covered were grey, green, location, technology, and consumer issues. I also wrote the competition brief in response to the research undertaken called 'Living Sites' inviting architects, landscape architects, designers, product designers and students to reassess the standard view of housing.