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Lewis, C.A., Pettican, A., Mojsiewicz, K., 2017.

Brass Art: Gestured exhibition catalogue with essay by Rowan Bailey

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Publisher:Brass Art

Key words- Gesture, embodiment, material transformation, the uncanny, archive, heritage, site.
An exhibition catalogue to accompany Brass Art's solo exhibition Gestured. The installation of artworks was made in response to Chetham's Library, Manchester and was commissioned by Arts & Heritage. The installation ran from 16 October - 8 December 2017.
The commissioned constellation of artworks were made in response to artefacts discovered within the archive including the forms of gesture found in William Cowper's anatomical reference books, the prints of William Hogarth, the books of Renaissance polymath Athanasius Kircher and the notations of John Dee. The essay Ways of Reading Gestured (Rowan Bailey, 2017) offers its own way of reading the installation, drawing upon these sources of influence and the underlying sculptural motivations informing the work on display.
Folding limited edition book Design by Jack Hodgson (Link to Exhibition Information)