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Uduku, O., 2018.

Learning Spaces in Africa: Critical Histories to 21st Century Challenges and Change

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Routledge Taylor and Francis

Focusing on West and Southern Africa, this book provides a comprehensive historical analysis of school building design, and then examines contemporary issues facing school design and delivery in the early 21st Century. The first section gives an historical synopsis of school design in Africa, focusing on the typology, planning and provision of schools through the changing political and cultural history of Africa. It also explores the changing physical and socio-cultural engagement of the school in African society. The symbolism of the school and its effect in different 21st century societal contexts in Africa is also investigated, as a positive developmental force, or otherwise. The second section examines the contemporary design, role and function of the school, specifically the classroom or learning space in 21st century Africa. There are three key issues which frame this; The declared second "Millennium Goal", guaranteeing all children access to primary education, Sustainability in all areas of building, (and therefore school construction), and the design of contemporary "learning spaces". It concludes by arguing that learning spaces design is central to a wider discussion about the changing approach to education pedagogy from early years to "community level", within different international contexts. This harks back the historical role of the school in many religious and formal community contexts as exemplified through the historical case study schools. It also in effect underlines the need to appreciate that the new learning modes, technologies and concepts, will need new, and innovatively designed spaces for learning.