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van Aitken, J., Manousakis, M., Ward, T., Bokos, C., Kontouris, V., Drymonitis, A., Koutsomichalis, M., Goumpouros, P., Korai, C., Tebinka, M., Poulou, A., Garrelfs, I., Izquierdo, E., Karadedos, T., McCafferty, C., Meirelles, M., Nakou, E., Pechuan Roca,, 2018.

Soundscapes Landscapes/City Above-Life Below

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
Number of Works:3

The Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens and Soundscapes Landscapes create a nexus of stories in the city. Artists who work in sound and images explore a new form of digital art-mapping in downtown Athens neighbourhoods and invite us on a real-time stroll through Gazi, Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio.

Kerameikos, along with Metaxourgeio, has a special intensity. It has been a living, meaningful space since antiquity that seems to weave and encapsulate the entire course of Athens through time: the cemetery, the train lines, the factory at Gazi, Kerameikos, Iera Odos and its night clubs, the edges of Metaxourgeio, multiculturalism, the development and gentrification of the area, immigrants, artists, night venues and clubs, alternative cultural spaces, tourists, and the Acropolis' rock overlooking the area.

Cosmopolitanism and localism, national and European identity, pockets of resistance, modern Greeks and immigrants, tradition and modernity, an industrial area, and a working-class neighbourhood.

The project Soundscapes Landscapes / Rhizome ?? reveals the stories that take place on the city's surface as well as those that are hidden away or underground or in its past. Put in your earphones, download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, and navigate the city.

A project at the intersection of art, technology, audio research and field recording which also provides a gateway into the anthropology and sociology of the city through its interviews and real-life stories, soundscapes, compositions and poetry.