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Crompton, E., 2023.

The library of engagements

Output Type:Performance
Venue:Tate Liverpool
Dates:10/4/2017 - 24/4/2017

The Library of Engagements is a Participatory Design tool for engaging citizens in the production of space, urban and architectural design in their cities. It is a collection of methods, techniques and tools used in participatory design. This piece of work aims to bring the debate about community participation and public consultation in the built environment to as wide an audience as possible. The Library contributes to the movement to obliterate the 'myth that space is produced by a single person.' [1] I would like to invite individuals or small groups to share my collection of 'methods of engagement' - in an attempt to inspire people to get involved in transforming where they live. I will personally present an example of each method using a catalogue of objects and stories to illustrate them.