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Brake, JA., van Aitken, J., 2017.

Artist's Led Walk - Castlefield Art Gallery to Islington Mill

Output Type:Other form of assessable output

An Artist Led Walking Tour departing Castlefield Gallery (CG) and ending at Islington Mill created by Jane Brake and John van Aitken, collaborating as the Institute of Urban Dreaming (IUD). The tour was commission by CG Associates, a membership scheme for artists, writers and independent curators working in contemporary art and consciously making and exhibiting work as part of an ongoing critical debate about the direction of contemporary art. CG is part of Arts Council England's National Portfolio and is a cultural partner of Manchester City Council 2015-18.The tour included promenade performance techniques, readings, art interventions and discussion in response to the landscapes of urban development which fill the terrain between two artists spaces. Discussion led by IUD explored the relationship between capital accumulation, housing development and artists spaces. Walking methodologies - influenced by the Situationist International, urban poetics and everyday life research - are central to IUD's practice. A slowed pace and being there, produce an acute quality of observation and a corporeal knowledge of space and its politics.