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Jones, A., Hyde, R.J., 2019.

Defining Contemporary Professionalism: For Architects in Practice and Education

Output Type:Book
Publisher:RIBA Publishing, London, London, UK

Over 60 practitioners, experts, graduates and academics defining many facets of contemporary professionalism - ethics, practice, business and entrepreneurship, delivery, collaboration, performance and value.

This book will

1) Explore contemporary [and future of] professionalism of the architectural profession, and in doing so
2) Define the parameters for the increased professional skills curriculum content of the new RIBA Criteria for Validation - to be circulated September 2018 with RIBA validated Schools of Architecture expected to redesign their modules and course content / balance to meet it.
3) Act as a resource and point of reference for students and early career architects in their study and learning of professionalism in preparation for a career related to and within architecture
4) Help RIBA (UK) Schools of Architecture with an increasing number of staff with little or no connection to contemporary architectural practice to appreciate the risk and opportunities of the contemporary profession - and to help frame their teaching and potentially their research
5) Act as a check between staff and students in architecture schools as to the relation to, and extent of divergence from contemporary practice. There is a perception of an increasing number of graduates of (UK) schools of architecture will not enter the profession - which is more on a reflection of international grads returning home. Recently published stats suggest over 85% of first year students wish to become architects. Where students do go into diverse sectors/industries it is their architectural professionalism [skills, competencies, ethics etc.] that are valued.
6) Be a snap shot of the profession - to inspire those involved with professional institutes (RIBA et al) to consider how they support and nurture their members and their roles
7) Highlight areas of need for secondary / follow on books / resources
8) Encourage the profession (current and future) to address the extensive shortcomings highlighted in the 2016 survey "What do clients think of architects - currently being address (to an extent) by a RIBA roadshow.
9) Meet the RIBA 2017 Business plan action - agreed at RIBA Board and Council - of disseminating good practice in teaching professionalism into schools of architecture.